Veneers in Kampala

Dental veneers near you offer a simple way to change the appearance of one or more imperfect teeth. Your dentists offer veneers to transform smiles and help boost self-esteem.

Dental Veneers near me

Dental veneers are thin sheets of porcelain used to restore the natural look of tooth enamel while providing strength. These restorative layers conceal stains or slight imperfections. There are four main issues that veneers can change for the better.

  • Color: Tobacco-use, coffee, tea, and the aging process can all lead to discolored teeth. Good dental care and professional teeth whitening treatments can remove some stains. But, for more stubborn yellowing and other discoloration, tooth-colored veneers are the next best bet.
  • Shape: Teeth are tough, but they can get damaged. Dental traumas happen all the time, resulting in cracked, chipped and broken teeth. Some patients clench and grind their teeth overnight. Bad oral habits cause abnormal wear. Other people have oddly shaped teeth. In these cases, custom-fitted porcelain veneers can be an effective solution.
  • Size: Worn down teeth, or teeth that are too short can benefit from added length, with veneers. But if too much of the enamel is missing, a dental crown may be the better option because it will cover the whole tooth.
  • Alignment and Spacing: Complex spacing issues such as jaw misalignments, excessive gaps, and crooked teeth may require orthodontic treatment. Minor spacing and alignment problems can be corrected with dental veneers.

Caring for Your Veneers

Teeth treated with veneers can be brushed and flossed as you normally would. It is important to keep the gum tissue around the veneer clear of plaque. As always, keep up with routine dental checkups to maintain good oral and overall health. Although veneers are strong, do not use your restored teeth to as tools or to bite into extremely hard foods. If you clench and grind your teeth in your sleep, a custom-fitted nightguard might be recommended to protect your investment.

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