Pediatric Dental Care in Kampala

The family-friendly staff at Kay's Dental clinic love to treat children! Our warm and welcoming dental office is non-threatening and fun. Televisions are available for kids to watch during exams. We also offer sedation dentistry to help calm anxious young patients. Because we believe strongly in preventive measures, especially when it comes to dental care for children, we recommend dental sealants for extra cavity-fighting protection. Sealants keep bacteria, plaque, and food debris out of the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Our goal is for each child who visits Kay's dental clinic to have a pleasant experience every time.

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The team at Kay's Dental clinic follow the recommendations set by the dental fraternity stating that the first dentist visit should be scheduled no later than by age one. Parents are encouraged to book an appointment when the first tooth erupts. No later than six months after.

Pediatric Dental Care

At your child’s dentist visit, we will answer any questions regarding your child’s dental health, and provide important patient education. In the meantime, here are some simple points to remember:

  • Only put a child to bed with water, add juice or water to the bottle. This can lead to severe tooth decay.
  • Use of a pacifier should end by age 3.
  • Oral habits like thumb sucking should stop by age 6 before permanent teeth erupt.
  • Kids should be brushing their teeth twice a day under a parent’s supervision.
  • Avoid giving your child sugary or sticky snacks. Stick with fruits, vegetables, yogurt or cheese.
  • Fruit drinks and juices contain a lot of sugar, and consumption should be limited. Water and milk are better options.

Pediatric Dental Care

Your child’s baby teeth are intended to serve them well for at least the first six years of life. They are essential for chewing, biting and speaking. In addition, primary teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth. At about 12 years of age, your child should have a mix of healthy primary and permanent teeth. With proper oral care, the baby teeth will fall out naturally, and the adult teeth will remain strong for life.

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