Tooth Extractions in Kampala

Dentistry is mainly about preserving the health and function of natural teeth for the long-term. However, there are times when tooth extraction is the best solution. There are a variety of reasons why a tooth cannot be saved including severe decay or dental trauma. Even an impacted wisdom tooth can cause serious problems without treatment. Sometimes teeth are too crowded, or a baby tooth just won’t budge on its own.


Regardless of the reason, tooth extraction is a routine procedure. The simplicity of the minor surgery depends on the condition of the root and location of the tooth being removed. Front teeth are easier to remove than back molars. If an impacted tooth is blocked by other teeth, the removal process is more complicated. But in many cases, the tooth can be carefully manipulated, and the periodontal ligament detached so that the tooth can be released with much effort.

As previously stated, there are many reasons for tooth extractions. At Kay's Dental clinic, we will examine all possible treatment measures before opting for tooth removal.

  • Dental Trauma or Gum Disease: In both situations, there are ways to attempt to save a damaged tooth. Common treatment options include root canal therapy and a crown. However, there isn’t always an appropriate measure that will keep an injured tooth healthy and functioning well. Sometimes, extraction is better, following by a restorative tooth implant.
  • Orthodontic Treatment: Some patients have too many teeth for the size of their jaws. This condition is called crowding. In this situation, the removal of one or more teeth will allow for proper alignment of the remaining teeth.
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth: If wisdom teeth are in a bad position, this can be problematic for the surrounding teeth, gum tissue, jaw bone, blood vessels, and nerves. Impacted wisdom teeth are removed to avoid serious damage. It is best to extract these teeth before the roots are fully developed.
  • Primary Teeth: If baby teeth erupt in the wrong sequence or are misaligned, the underlying adult teeth might not erupt properly. Therefore, sometimes baby tooth extraction can help prevent orthodontic treatment in the future.

The Tooth Removal Process

Tooth extractions are performed with local anesthesia. Additional sedation dentistry can be provided for patients who need it. To learn more about how removing one or more teeth may help preserve your oral health, call our Ranch Mirage dental office today.

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